Kittens Available

Buying a Kitten


We have a few litters of kittens per year from our Savannahs. You can contact us at 707-888-2559 or stay in touch with us on Facebook to see when we have kittens available. 



Kittens can be held with a 50% deposit and we give a discount for full prepay when you choose your kitten. Your kitten comes with full TICA registration papers and a health guarantee.



Adoption of one of our kittens requires agreement on a kitten contract. Please contact us direcly and we can email you a copy of our contract. 



We can fly and hand deliver your kitten to most US states for around a $600 shipping fee. For International shipping please contact us directly. We can also drive to hand deliver in California, Oregon and Nevada for a lower fee. 



Usually around holidays we run special discounts so be sure and Like us on Facebook or contact us directly for more information!


Savannah Cat Colors


Standard Colors


Brown with Black Spots- Typically these kittens are called brown with black spots, however if you ever see an African Serval in person, their coat is actually more "gold" or "yellow" in color. 


Silver with Black Spots- Silver is not a Serval color, it is a Savannah breeders way of attempting to create the look of a white Serval. We have two queens that are silver and they produce beautiful kittens with black spots on a light- medium silver background. 


Melanistic- These kittens are black with black spots. We usually only have 1 or 2 melanistic kittens produced per year and they usually are reserved quickly so we recommend getting on our waitlist if this is the color you desire. 


Non-Standard Colors


Snow- We absolutely love our snow Savannahs. They are usually born solid white and after a few days they start to develope beautiful spots or marbles patterns. We also recommend being on our waitlist if this is a color of kitten that you want because we usually have 1 or 2 per year. 


Marble Pattern- We produce brown and black marbles as well as fantastic snow marbles but they are very rare; we possibly have 1 per year. 


When we produce non-standard kittens they are usually at a much lower price point than our standard kittens. They come with all of the personality for a much more affordable price!

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