We are a small home cattery in Northern California where we raise kittens underfoot and treat them like members of our family. We fell in love with African Servals about 15 years ago and have spent the last decade and a half getting to know them and the magnificent Savannah cat breed. 


There are a lot of things that set Savannah cats apart from other cat breeds. For example, they spend a lot less hours each day laying around and cleaning themselves than normal cats. Most of their time is spent looking for adventure. They are extremely curious about the world around them and love getting into trouble. You might be surprised to find your Savannah cat will figure out how to open doors, turn on water faucets, open cabinets, and climb on top of just about anything. They are very smart and can learn their name and commands similar to a dog. They can also be trained to walk on a harness and leash. 


If you have not owned a Savannah cat before, we highly recommend that you do lots of research about the breed before deciding to adopt one. A pet is a lifetime commitment and we always try to make sure we educate our customers to our fullest ability.  Having a Savannah cat is very different than owning any other domestic cat, especially if you are purchasing one of the higher F generations. Even after doing lots of research and talking to breeders you are always bound to be surprised at some point so we are happy to always answer questions and help you in any way after you have taken your new pet home. There are also lots of online communities that we recommend to share your stories and experiences, as well as to gain more knowledge and understanding of this amazing breed as you grow and learn with your own Savannah cat. 


My first experience with exotic cats was before I had heard of Savannah cats I had several friends who owned Bengals. I remember being so taken back by their beautiful markings and the way they walked around like tigers on the prowl. Your first instinct when in the presence of one of these gorgeous creatures is that you want to reach out and touch it because they just looked so magical and soft. However, with every single friend I had who owned one, you could not touch their cats. Their cats weren't friendly or cuddly, which is the exact opposite of the way I think a cat should be. My first few encounters with Bengals sparked my interest in exotic cats but it wasn't until I discovered the Savannah cat breed that my life really changed. Here were these remarkably beautiful cats that were wild looking but wanted to hang out with you 24/7 and be your best friend just like a dog would. Not only did I fall in love with the amazing spots, the long legs, those huge ears and pointy faces, but I fell for their personalities; the way they talk to me all day long, the way they taunt me and are always trying to play, they way they understand me and do the exact opposite of what I say because life is a game to them, and the way the mischief never ends. 


The difference between Rare Breed Exotics and other cat breeders is that we go the extra mile to make sure our kittens are social and will integrate well into your life. We raise our cats in our home with children and dogs and they have lots of interaction with us before we let them go home with you. Because of this we really pride ourselves on the unmatched personalities our Savannah cats have. 

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